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May 31, 2021
Top 5 Smart Money Moves

Have you got the smart money moves for 2021?
If you wanted to learn any new hip hop moves trending online, like baking a banana bread- you need the steps, the recipe and a general guide.

When it comes to finance, the same concept applies. You manage it better, if you follow simple golden rules, and apply the necessary steps.

We have collected our top 5 smart money moves for 2021 that you can start applying now.

1. Filter your purchases - Ask yourself this question “Why are you buying this?” be raw in your answer. Most of us tend to buy things based on external influences which include friends, social media, glittery ads and billboard promises of a better life. To control your spending, you have to develop the habit of putting everything you buy through a filter process.

2. Be real - Teach yourself what you don’t know, especially when it comes to financial matters. Most of us talk to our banks just nodding our heads not being able to grasp what they are telling us. Don’t be afraid to say “Can you explain it to me in a simpler way?” and most importantly educate yourself using all the free resources and tools online.

3. Bring in the Tech help - We as human beings sometimes forget to stick to the plan. So let your banking features help you. Automate money going into your Hassala accounts, add your monthly bills to the app and review your transactions summary under your account to keep track! 3 simple steps that can go a long way.

4. Cancel unnecessary Subscriptions - Do you get notifications that your card was charged for a service you probably don’t use, and sometimes you're too lazy to cancel it? We are all guilty. List down all the subscriptions you have registered for and cancel what you don’t use, and need. Here is a bonus tip, keep all your subscriptions on your virtual card to make it easier to track them.

5. Learn new skills - Yes, exactly. If you learned new skills such as cooking or simple home improvement hacks, you would save on take outs and unnecessary fees and expenses to fix things you could have done yourself. Teach yourself to do things that you don’t need to pay for. It’s a tricky one but its a win-win situation; you learn something new and you get to save.

Start tomorrow with at least one step, and stay tuned for our next article!