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24/7 banking, wherever you are in the world


With ila, you’ll always have full access to your funds.
Open an account in minutes

Open an account in minutes


Join ila anytime, from anywhere. Simply download the app and answer a few quick questions.
There’s no need to visit a branch – you’ll just need one ID and a selfie.
Account funding

Fund your account flexibly


Funding your account has never been easier. Choose from four options: your existing bank debit card, BenefitPay, bank transfer, or a cash or cheque deposit at an ila ATM. It’s up to you!
Travelling internationally? You can also open and link multiple foreign currency accounts to any of your cards via the app, and transfer funds between them easily at great exchange rates.

Get rewarded instantly


Start earning interest the moment money enters your account, no matter how big or small the amount. Plus, the interest is tiered on your BHD account, so the more you save, the more you earn. And you never lose access to your funds.

Access your money seamlessly

Forgotten your wallet at home? No problem. A virtual card exists on your mobile so it's always with you. Once activated, you can use it instantly to shop online with Benefit Gateway and BenefitPay apps.
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Card control at your fingertips

Misplaced your card? Don’t worry, just freeze it within the app. Once you found it back you can unfreeze it just as easily. Or, if your card has been lost or stolen, simply block it and order a new one – again, all within the app.
You can also use the app to set and change your card PIN, and enable biometric ID for added security and convenience, while 3D Secure protects your online shopping transactions.

Travel with ease


Use your physical ila card anywhere in the world and enjoy the freedom to explore. You can link different foreign currency accounts to your card, and access your money in any of these currencies.

Send money simply

Life’s already complicated enough. At ila, we like to keep things simple.
Use mobile numbers to transfers money to ila or other banks instantly – whether you’re moving money between your own accounts or paying someone else. You can also use the app to make international transfers with the touch of a button – and manage domestic bills and payments with the integration Fawateer.
And to keep you safe, we’ll send an alert to your phone for every transaction you make.

Track your spending

Access your statements or make a balance enquiry across any of your ila accounts whenever and wherever you are – whether you’re at home or on the beach!

Fully secure for your peace of mind

Set or change your card PIN, change your app PIN, enable Biometric ID, and block your card if it's lost or stolen. 3D Secure protects your online shopping transactions.

Check your balance

Make a balance inquiry whenever you need it, 24/7 across all your ila accounts. Experience full control of your money wherever, whenever.

Can't find your debit card?


Lost your ila card? No worries, block it on the app and request a new one.

Donating to charities and causes has never been easier


Giving to a cause feels good and its simple too. Under each charity, there are a list of causes for you to choose from and donate to, you can also track the progress of the goals set for the donations. We are delighted to support these charities in helping our community!
24 7

Get help when you need it

We’re on hand 24/7 if you have any problems or questions. Just give us a call on +973 17 123 456.


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