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alburaq Islamic Account


Open an alburaq account right from your mobile within a few minutes. Have an overview of your finances, spending and control your bank account at anytime, from anywhere.

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Foreign currency accounts with alburaq


Easily open foreign currency accounts in all available currencies in a few simple steps!


Link up to 5 foreign currency accounts to your alburaq card.

Send money simply

Use the app to make international transfers easily – and manage domestic bills and payments all from the ila Bank app!
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Your physical card

After funding your account, use the ila Bank app to order your alburaq debit card, which will be delivered straight to your door.
Once your debit card is activated, you can use it online or in stores to make fast, secure and contactless payments – and also withdraw cash when you travel, from ATMs all over the world.
Easily manage your debit card within the ila Bank app. You can activate, set and change your card PIN, freeze and unfreeze your card – or block it and order a new one in seconds.

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