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What is ila?

What does the name 'ila' mean and why was it chosen?

Why should I choose ila?

How can I get an ila account?

What documents will I need to open an ila account?

Do you have any branches?

What is a waiting list and why am I in the list?

How long does it take to process my documents and open my account?

How secure is mobile banking?

Where can I use my ila cards?

What is Tap & Go?

How can I fund my account?

What is ila's Swift Code and Address?

What should I do if I lose or damage my physical card?

How can I change my card PIN number?

Do you provide credit cards or loans?

How can I request for an official bank statement? Is there any cost?

What is a virtual debit card?

How and where can I get support?


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