Reach your saving goals faster with Hassala

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A Hassala is a clay pot that was traditionally used in Bahrain for saving money.
A fast and convenient way to save! You can choose to earn interest and you'll have access to your money at anytime. You can now create your own digital Hassalas, automate your savings to reach your saving goals faster, simply set the amount and duration you want to save for. Start saving with your preferred currency and create multiple Hassalas for all your saving needs.
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Why should you use Hassala?


Manage your money better by separating your savings from your spending money
Create multiple Hassalas from any available currency for all your saving needs
Earn interest just like you do on your accounts to reach your saving goals faster
Automate payments to your Hassala, open Hassala's in any available currency on the app and set saving goals with your preferred target amount and date!
No minimum balance and you can add and withdraw funds at any time
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What can you save for?


Your child's future
Your dream car
A house to call a home
That one cool gadget
A shopping spree
Anything you choose
How to open a Hassala?


Select the 'Savings' tab on your overview screen
Tap on ‘Hassala'
Customize your Hassala with a name, description and icon. Select the currency you would like open a Hassala in.
You can automate your saving goals by setting a goal amount, a date and the option to earn interest.



For more about Hassala
Hassala Settings
Customize the Hassala based on your saving needs! Open a Hassala in any available currency on the ila app , automate payments directly into your Hassala , set a target date and amount to reach your saving goals faster , celebrate once you reach your savings goal

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