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Oct 15, 2020
How you can get financial advice from TikTok. Wait, what?

Once dubbed as the world’s most valuable startup, and one of 2018’s most downloaded mobile apps in the US and Europe, beating YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. The platform now tapped into new levels amidst this challenging time worldwide.

For those that don’t know - TikTok is a video sharing platform that allows you to take videos no longer than 15 seconds which are based on various themes such as music, cooking, travel, dance, fashion, and more.

But, what if we told you that financial advice was on that list?

Personal finance influencers and gurus have utilised the platform to give you solid financial advice. TikTok has several consultants and financially savvy individuals sharing their tips and insights on how to save money, invest in real estate, and more. The videos are 60 seconds, and are aimed to help you save some money. The short snippets share quick useful tips, but for more detailed content, you can even follow them on other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram building yourself a list of advisors for various topics.

These users have recognized a need for financial experts in this social media space. Its a clear fact that millennials have low financial literacy knowledge. Most of us lack the fundamental concepts of economics and finance which can affect our financial future, our business and lives in general.

Finance focused hashtags on TikTok have proven that there is a need for this type of content - #couponing has almost 325 million views, #invest has approximately 553 million views and #personalfinance has over 405 million views.

So who are they and how to access their channels?

Let’s meet some TikTok stars, and your new financial advisors below

We’ve all heard of Humphrey Yang, a 32-year old Entrepreneur, TikTok star and an eCommerce consultant and freelancer from Silicon Valley who spent one Saturday night counting 10,000 individual grains of rice to explain the scale of money to teenagers on TikTok. Follow him @humphreytalks and if you are still thinking about rice, here’s the link:

Cole Kelley’s, is a 47-year old financial literacy teacher from Utah who uses the platform to teach his students on the basics of finance. Does it work? Well his popular post on real estate investment got about 400,000 views. You can learn more about investing from Cole right here: @colekelley

25-year-old entrepreneur Zach Zorn, who also runs the is on TikTok teaching you about the basics of investing and adds a calculator to spice things up showing you 15-second investment projections. Want to learn to invest from your bed? Follow @moneynomad

A dedicated page for general financial content is @logicalfinance that has over 136,000 followers which shares quick tips on various topics such as investing, managing credit, and more.

Top #finance hashtags for TikTok
# Hashtag
1 #money
2 #business
3 #investing
4 #investment