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Oct 24, 2022
ila Bank’s August winner for Al Kanz walks away with a cash prize of US$50,000

Manama, Bahrain: Ahmed Abdul Rasool Al Saleh has been announced the August winner of US$50,000 from Al Kanz, ila Bank’s prize account. He is one of many others who have won this significant monthly cash prize from the region’s fastest growing digital mobile-only bank. The winner was notified verbally following an automated draw held under the supervision of representatives from the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Bank ABC, ila Bank and Ernst & Young.

Commenting on his lucky win, Ahmed said: “I was extremely surprised when I received the news and couldn’t believe my luck! I believed for sure that I won only when I came to the bank to meet the ila Bank employees. I did not inform my family as I wanted to surprise them when they would see my pictures on social media.”

It was a friend’s attractive green ila card that caught Ahmed’s attention and hearing praise for ila led him to open his own ila account. “My friend came to learn of ila Bank through a YouTube advertisement. When he told me about the simplicity of the ila app, and how it helps him to manage his money, I knew I had to open an ila account too,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed thought it would be a good idea to save money using Al Kanz and feels incredibly lucky to have won the monthly draw. He plans to continue depositing money into Al Kanz and also looks forward to using other products and services that ila Bank provides, such as the Credit Cards and Fixed Deposit account. The happy customer adds: “I love the brand, the ila Bank app and all the products and services offered by ila Bank!”

True to its word, ila empowers users to move ‘towards’ their life goals and financial aspirations. Al Kanz, which translates to ‘treasure’ in Arabic, is one of ila’s seamless products that delivers on this promise. The digital mobile-only bank will soon celebrate its grand prize winner of US$1 million. For every BD50 saved in an Al Kanz account before 31 December 2022, customers stand a chance of becoming ila’s first Al Kanz millionaire.