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Jul 04, 2021
ila Bank enables seamless payments through in-app transfer to mobile number feature

Manama, Bahrain: ila Bank, Bahrain’s fast-growing digital mobile-only bank, launches an in-app “Transfer by mobile number” feature to empower customers to make payments directly by simply entering a mobile number, through a collaboration with BENEFIT’s “BenefitPay” app. This comes as part of ila’s unwavering commitment to provide customers with greater convenience through simplified banking services that transform their banking experience.

Aligned with the needs of the new no-touch economy, ila’s in-app “Transfer by mobile number” feature enables customers to transfer money to other ila users and those contacts with local bank Bahraini dinar accounts registered on the BenefitPay app. ila customers can also transfer money from any of ila’s seven foreign currency accounts to other ila customers using their mobile number. The newly added feature brings the convenience of BenefitPay Bahrain to the ila app and further facilitates Bahrain’s vision of promoting a cashless society.

Commenting on this latest addition to the ila banking app, Mohamed Al Maraj, CEO, ila Bank Bahrain, said: “ila is on a relentless mission to deliver innovative services that enhance the overall customer experience, particularly in payments where behavioural changes are intensifying the need for fast, effortless digital payments to be accessible to customers at all times.”

“Simple, easy-to-use banking services are our ultimate goal. We constantly seek to collaborate with key fintech stakeholders and likeminded partners to transform the banking experience in Bahrain. We have a strong and ongoing partnership with BENEFIT to design services and solutions for the greater good of the Bahraini community, and I thank them for their tremendous support in bringing our “Transfer by mobile number” feature to life,” he added.

BENEFIT’s Chief Executive, Abdulwahed AlJanahi remarked, “Our collaboration with ila Bank shows that BENEFIT is always looking to add value and give consumers more control when it comes to accepting and transferring payments. We always look to partner with other players in the market to transform these experiences where needed. It is crucial that we share the same vision to deliver innovative solutions and work together to enhance them as we witness changes in customer preference and habits when it comes to transacting online. The “Transfer by mobile” feature will make it easier for all ila users to send money anytime in a safe, convenient and secure manner.”
He added, “We look forward to consumers using this feature as we align banking with emerging technologies to create exceptional customer experiences. Furthermore, we believe partnerships such as these will continue to accelerate the industry’s growth and push the capabilities of all parties forward.”
Since its inception in 2019, ila Bank has been steering Bahrain’s banking industry’s digital transformation with game-changing solutions that transform customer experience, have a profound social impact and support the contactless needs of the new normal. Most recently, ila launched savings tools such as “Hassala” and “Jamiyah” that encourage savings and equip customers with greater financial flexibility and control. It also introduced several app user experience and interface enhancements.

As a result, ila has maintained app ratings of 4.6/5 in the Apple Store and 4.4/5 in Google Play over the past year, holding second place amongst finance apps and first place amongst purely banking apps in Bahrain. In addition to being a hit with customers, ila has received multiple industry accolades, including the Seamless Middle East “Digital Banking Experience of the Year” award and three Transform MEA Awards for its visual identity in 2020. The strong uptake of the ila banking app has exceeded the Bank’s five-year targets in its second year alone and has raised the benchmark for digital banking in Bahrain and beyond.