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May 16, 2020
ila Bank empowers users to support the Royal Humanitarian Foundation through its in-app donations feature

ila Bank enters a Memorandum of Understanding with RHF to facilitate customer contributions to the Foundation’s various initiatives​

Manama, Bahrain: ila Bank, Bahrain’s fast-growing digital mobile only bank, powered by Bank ABC, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF) to enable customers to donate funds directly to the Foundation’s various initiatives through its newly launched ‘Donate to Charity’ in-app feature. ila customers are now able to contribute directly to charitable causes supported by RHF, including orphan care, educational care, purchase of medical equipment, cancer patient treatment among others.

The agreement covers all existing and future RHF initiatives. ila accountholders who wish to donate to any RHF initiative can do so through the Bank’s mobile app by simply clicking on ‘Donate to charity’ and selecting one of the causes from a list of initiatives supported by the Foundation.

RHF has demonstrated its unwavering commitment towards supporting various communities in need across Bahrain. This tie-up with ila will go a long way in facilitating individual contributions to the Foundation’s initiatives and expediting relief for those most in need. It also ensures that users have access to support RHF’s future ambitions.

Reinforcing the Bank’s commitment to social responsibility, this collaboration reflects ila’s commitment to leverage its technology and innovation to empower communities and act as a catalyst for positive change. It stems from the sense of community and partnership, which is prevalent across many entities and individuals in Bahrain.

Commenting on the agreement, Mohamed Al Maraj, CEO of ila Bank Bahrain said: “This agreement captures the essence of the ila brand which is about positive transformation, propelling individuals to reach the turning point in their lives and achieve their aspirations. By enabling our community to contribute to RHF’s existing and future initiatives, we hope to create a promising future for those in need and drive long-lasting positive change in Bahrain.”

ila’s ‘Donate to Charity’ app feature was introduced as part of the Bank’s endeavor to continuously deploy seamless, smart banking solutions that simplify financial transactions and fulfil customer needs.