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Jan 15, 2024
ila Bank announces the Al Kanz winner of US$50,000 for October 2023

Manama, Bahrain: ila Bank declared Mohammed Shafi as the winner of US$50,000 Al Kanz prize for October 2023. The digital mobile-only bank, powered by Bank ABC, conducted the draw on 12 December 2023in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Bank ABC, ila Bank and Ernst & Young to identify the winner.

46-year-old Mohammed Shafi has been enjoying the effortless and personalized ila banking experience, since the Bank’s launch in 2019. Mohammed is extremely delighted to have won this cash prize. “I was very happy and utterly shocked when I got the call informing me about the prize I won,” he said.

Mr. Shafi plans to continue saving his money in Al Kanz for a chance to win an even bigger prize. He mentions, “I am planning to continue to save through Al Kanz and use the funds for my son’s university tuition,” when asked what he will do with his prize.

Customers of ila, the much-loved digital mobile-only bank, stand a chance to win huge cash prizes each month by depositing their savings into their Al Kanz before the cut-off dates, specified on the ila Bank website ( and banking app.

The last day to deposit in your Al Kanz account to win the January solo prize of US$ 120,000, paid as a monthly US$10,000 salary for one year, or a US$ 10,000 prize for 4 lucky winners is the 31st of January 2024.