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Nov 29, 2023
ila Bank announces the Al Kanz winner of US$250,000 for September 2023

ila Bank declared Muna Salman Rashed as the Al Kanz winner of US$250,000 for September 2023. The digital mobile-only bank, powered by Bank ABC, identified the winner through an automated draw conducted in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Bank ABC, ila Bank and Ernst & Young.

64-year old Muna uses all the products and features, especially the multi-currency features, on the ila Bank app. She is thrilled to have won this mega cash prize. “I am very happy and thankful as I definitely did not expect it,” Muna says. “It is my first time winning a raffle draw, and I am encouraging everyone to save their money in Al Kanz. Now I am sure that everybody gets a chance to win with ila Bank.”

Muna plans to save her winnings in her Al Kanz prize account and dedicate an amount to be saved in a Fixed Deposit. “Later on, I plan on using it towards setting up a small business for my son,” she says.

She intends to continue saving her money in Al Kanz and make the most of the multi-currency card when she travels.

Customers of ila, the much loved digital, mobile-only bank, stand a chance to win huge cash prizes simply by depositing their savings into their Al Kanz account. Every BHD 50 in the prize account is counted as one entry into the monthly draw.

Visit to see the cut-off and draw dates for each month’s prizes. The last date to deposit in your Al Kanz account to win the November 2023 prize of US$50,000 is 30 November 2023 and the last date to deposit to win the December Grand prize of US$1,000,000 is 31 December 2023.