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Feb 08, 2023
ila Bank announces Al Kanz 2023 prizes totaling US$ 2 million!

Mamama, Bahrain: ila Bank, the region’s fast growing digital, mobile- only bank powered by Bank ABC, has announced a fresh blueprint of cash prizes to be won through its prize-linked saving account, Al Kanz, in 2023. Last year, customers won a total of US$ 1.5 million as monthly and bumper bi-annual cash rewards. In its second year of existence, Al Kanz will give away a total value of US$ 2 million prizes during the course of the year.

In this year’s Al Kanz edition, ila customers stand to win: US$ 250,000 for the months of March and September; US$ 500,00 million for the month of June and a whopping US$1 million for the month of December.

With customers always at heart, ila Bank is intent on listening to and co-creating with them to provide easier, simpler and smarter banking solutions at their fingertips. When customers expressed a desire to win bigger cash prizes to fuel their dreams and financial aspirations, ila Bank fulfilled this wish.

Nada Tarada, Head of Business & Customer at ila Bank commented, “At ila, we strive to stay true to our core purpose; that of empowering our customers to move forward ‘towards’ their financial goals. Our Al Kanz prize account exemplifies this commitment, being built around customer feedback, and their needs and evolving lifestyles.”

“Our customers asked for big-ticket cash prizes, and we responded with even bigger rewards in 2023. We look forward to seeing our grand prize winners fulfill their dreams this year, and we will continue to co-innovate with our customer community to deliver tailored products that reflect their financial aspirations,” added Ms. Tarada.

The prize schedule, including deposit cut-off and draw dates, is available on the ila Bank website, Al Kanz | ila Digital Bank - Bahrain ( For every BHD 50 saved in Al Kanz, customers gain a chance to win a grand cash prize this year. Join other smart savers and make a deposit into your Al Kanz account today – your dream holiday, home, car or life goal could be yours this year.