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Aug 23, 2023
Young Bahraini wins ila Bank’s Al Kanz mid-year grand prize of US$500,000

Manama, Bahrain: ila Bank announced Husain Ali Abdulnabi, who is 22 years old, as the lucky winner of the Al Kanz mid-year grand prize of US$500,000. The digital mobile-only bank, powered by Bank ABC, identified the winner following an automated draw held on 9th August 2023 under the supervision of representatives from the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Bank ABC, ila Bank and Ernst & Young.

Husain makes the most of all the products and features on the ila Bank app. On winning the lifechanging cash prize of US$500,000, Husain said, “I am extremely happy that I won this prize exactly when my family and I needed it. I’m still very surprised and shocked, and can’t believe that I actually won the prize. I had deposited money in my Al Kanz account as soon as ila Bank had introduced the product, so I’m happy that I have been finally rewarded for my patience.”

 PR Winner Al Kanz (20) 

The young Bahraini plans to support his family with the money, as well as use it to gain a Master’s degree and purchase property.

When asked about whether he would continue to deposit money into Al Kanz, he said, “Definitely, I’m a big fan of the ila Bank app. I actually use every product and service the bank provides. ila Bank is the best bank in Bahrain!”

Customers of ila, the fast growing digital, mobile-only bank, stand a chance to win huge cash prizes simply by depositing their savings into their Al Kanz account. Every BHD 50 saved in the prize account is counted as one entry into the monthly draw.

The multi award-winning bank offers fast, convenient and seamless banking solutions aimed at propelling customers towards their financial dreams and aspirations. This includes the Al Kanz account offering massive cash prizes that total US$2.25 million in 2023.

To view the cut-off and draw dates for Al Kanz prizes, please visit The last date to deposit your savings in your Al Kanz account to win US$250,000 prize is 31 September 2023.