Gift Cards from brands you love!

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We are introducing our new Gift Card feature!
You can now enjoy a wide range of exclusive Gift Cards with more than 300 well-known  local and international brands.
What is an ila Gift Card?
The ila Gift Card is a digital Gift Card that you can purchase straight from the ila Bank app to use yourself or easily gift friends and family members. The Gift Cards may be purchased for in-store and/or online use.
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What do I benefit from using the Gift Card feature on the ila Bank app?
The Gift Card feature, developed in partnership with Prizeout, enables you to purchase Gift Cards with a higher value than what you would get if you went directly to the merchants. You can also share the ‘Gift Card’ with a friend for them to use at their convenience.
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Travelling and would like to use a Gift Card while abroad?


You can purchase a Gift Card from International Brands directly from the ila Bank app to use yourself or share via email. All you have to do is change the location when purchasing the Gift Card and you are set.


Gift Card purchases will be debited from your BHD Account in Bahraini Dinars and the applicable exchange rate will be calculated. USD Gift Cards will have a fixed exchange rate at USD 0.378. Other currencies will be calculated based on the market exchange rates.
Gift Cards
Here are some of the brands available on the ila Bank app


Explore a wide range of Gift Cards from 300+ local and international brands to gift your loved ones on every occasion.
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How do I send a Gift Card?

- Tap on the “Lifestyle” and then on "Buy Gift Cards from brands you love".
- Select your preferred brand.
- Select the amount of the Gift Card.
- That's it! You can share the Gift Card as a gift by tapping on "Share with a friend".

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