Save and Win BIG with Al Kanz!

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"Al Kanz" is the Arabic word for "Treasure". Al Kanz is a new account from ila Bank that will enable you to save money and get a chance to win BIG money prizes!


Together, we will be on a journey to find treasures that can change your life!
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Do you wish to buy your dream house? 🏡


Or wish to travel around the world? ✈️


Or even buy your dream car? 🚗


Deposit money in your Al Kanz account to get a chance to win prizes worth up to JOD 100,000

Al Kanz Draw Dates


Prize Amount

Last date to deposit

Draw Date

Minimum balance required in AlKanz 

March 2024

JOD 25,000 x 1 Winner

31 March 2024

7 April 2024

JOD 200

April 2024

JOD 9,999 x 1 Winner

30 April 2024

8 May 2024

JOD 100

May 2024

JOD 9,999 x 1 Winner

31 May 2024

9 June 2024

JOD 100

June 2024

JOD 50,000 x 1 Winner

30 June 2024

10 July 2024

JOD 300

July 2024

JOD 9,999 x 1 Winner

31 July 2024

8 August 2024

JOD 100

August 2024

JOD 9,999 x 1 Winner

31 August 2024

8 September 2024

JOD 100

September 2024

JOD 25,000 x 1 Winner

30 September 2024

8 October 2024

JOD 200

December 2024

JOD 100,000 x 1 Winner

31 December 2024

9 January 2025

JOD 500

To view the Al Kanz Winners
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• Win BIG money prizes - With Al Kanz account you can get the chance to win BIG prizes.
• Ease - Your Al Kanz account will be opened for you automatically; all you have to do is fund it with the multiple funding options.
• 100% Control at your fingertips - Track your money and chances easily anytime, anywhere and view all upcoming draws right from the ila Bank app!
Eligibility Criteria


• The minimum balance required to be eligible to win is based on each prize draw criteria.
• The amount in your Al Kanz Account needs to be maintained for 7 working days from the date of the campaign end to be eligible to participate in the draw.

• Each JOD 50 is one chance into the draw.


Terms and conditions


If you are already an ila customer, Al Kanz account has already been opened for you, all you have to do is fund it with the multiple funding options.


If you are still not an ila customer, Al Kanz account will automatically be opened for you once you open a bank account with us.
Fund your Al Kanz account easily!


You can deposit money in your Al Kanz account easily anytime, anywhere with multiple funding options:
- Deposit money from your main ila account.
- Deposit money from any of your Hassalas.
- Deposit money from your foreign currency accounts.
- Deposit money instantly with CliQ.

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